The Route So Far...

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Middle East

Date Location
10th Sept 2001 Liverpool/Birmingham, England
11th Sept 2001 Calais, France
12th-13th Sept 2001 Random motorway sevices in Germany/Switzerland
14th to 16th Sept 2001 Zurich, Switzerland (top time)
17th Sept 2001 Pescara, Italy
18th to 23rd Sept 2001 San Marino, Italy
24th Sept to 5th Oct 2001 Peschici, Italy
6th Oct 2001 Ferry Bari-igounamestu, Greece
7th to 9th Oct 2001 Parga, Greece
10th to 11th Oct 2001 Athens, Greece
12th to 14th Oct 2001 Korinthos, Greece
15th Oct 2001 Athens, Greece
16th to 17th Oct 2001 Chios, Greek Island
18th Oct 2001 Ephesus, Turkey
19th to 20th Oct 2001 Bodrum, Turkey
21st to 25th Oct 2001 Dalyan, Turkey
26th to 28th Oct 2001 Kas & Anmur, Turkey
29th Oct 2001 Aleppo, Syria
30th Oct 2001 Desert, 80km from Palmyra, Syria
31st Oct 2001 Palmyra, Syria
1st to 2nd Nov 2001 Damascus, Syria
3rd Nov 2001 The Dead Sea, Jordan
4th to 5th Nov 2001 Petra, Jordan
6th to 7th Nov 2001 Aqaba, Jordan
8th Nov 2001 Neubia, Egypt
9th to 12th Nov 2001 Cairo, Egypt
13th Nov 2001 El Alemein, Egypt
14th Nov 2001 Masa Matraou, Egypt
15th to 16th Nov 2001 Siwa, Egypt
17th to 20th Nov 2001 Baharia, Egypt
19th Nov 2001 Fafara, Egypt
20th to 28th Nov 2001 Cairo, Egypt
29th Nov 2001 Saqqara, Egypt
30th Nov to 6th Dec 2001 Cairo, Egypt
Whilst waiting for Sudanese Visa's........... Gav's Tangent...........
7th Dec to 15th Dec 2001 Cairo, Egypt
16th Dec to 17th Dec 2001 Cairo to Luxor, Egypt
18th Dec to 22th Dec 2001 Luxor, Egypt
Whilst waiting for Sudanese Visa's........... Dan's Tangent...........
7th Dec & 8th Dec 2001 Aswan, Egypt
9th Dec & 10th Dec 2001 Aswan to Luxor, Egypt
11th Dec to 14th Dec 2001 Luxor, Egypt
15th Dec to 22nd Dec 2001 Aswan, Egypt
The Africa Overland Team meets up........... The journey re-commences...........
23rd Dec to 24th Dec 2001 Ferry to Sudan
25th Dec to 27th Dec 2001 Happy Christmas!! Wadi Haifa, Sudan
28th Dec to 31st Dec 2001 Sudan desert, near Abri, Delgo, Dongola and Abu Dom, Sudan
1st Jan to 3rd Jan 2002 Khartoum, Sudan
4th Jan 2002 Sudan desert near Meroe, Sudan
5th & 6th Jan 2002 Khartoum, Sudan
7th Jan 2002 Galabat, Sudan
8th Jan 2002 Metema, Ethiopia
9th Jan 2002 Village near Aykel, Ethiopia
10th Jan 2002 Addis Zemen, Ethiopia
11th & 12th Jan 2002 Bahir Dhar, Ethiopia
13th & 14th Jan 2002 Lalibella, Ethiopia
15th Jan 2002 Gashena, Ethiopia
16th Jan 2002 Village near Karakore, Ethiopia
17th & 18th Jan 2002 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
19th & 20th Jan 2002 Awash National Park, Ethiopia
21st & 22nd Jan 2002 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
23rd Jan 2002 Lake Langano, Ethiopia
24th Jan 2002 Hot Springs near Shashemene, Ethiopia
25th & 26th Jan 2002 Arba Minch, Ethiopia
27th Jan 2002 Konso, Ethiopia
28th Jan 2002 Bush Camp near Turmi, Ethiopia
29th Jan 2002 Illaret, Kenya (only just)
30th Jan 2002 Nechisar National Park, Kenya
31st Jan 2002 Loyongalani, Kenya
1st Feb 2002 Baragoe, Kenya
2nd Feb 2002 Samburu/Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Kenya
3rd Feb 2002 Isiolo, Kenya
4th & 5th Feb 2002 Nairobi, Kenya
6th & 7&th Feb 2002 Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
The Accident Happens........... Dan's Tangent, ending in the return to the UK...........
8th to 18th Feb 2002 After briefly passing into Tanzania, flew back to Nairobi hospital, Kenya
19th Feb to 2nd Mar 2002 Recuperating in the Via Via bar, tanzania
3rd Mar 2002 Returned to Heathrow via Rome, England
The Accident Happens........... Gav's Tangent...........
8th & 9th Feb 2002 8th & 9th serengetti national park, Tanzania
10th & 11th Feb 2002 Arusha, Tanzania (to get the landy fixed)
12th to 18th Feb 2002 Back to nairobi, Kenya
19th to 27th Feb 2002 Back to, & staying in Arusha, Tanzania
28th Feb to 1st Mar 2002 Korogwe, Tanzania
1st Mar 2002 Mikumi, Tanzania
2nd Mar 2002 Mbeya, Tanzania
3rd Mar 2002 Rumphi, Tanzania
4th Mar - 7th Mar 2002 Kande Beach, Malawi
8th Mar - 10th Mar 2002 Nkhata Bay, Malawi
8th Mar - 11th Mar 2002 Nkhotakota game reserve, Malawi
The Team splits........... Gav's Tangent...........
12th Mar - 14th Mar 2002 Blantyre, Malawi
15th Mar - 16th Mar 2002 Zomba plateau, Malawi
17th Mar 2002 Cape Maclear, Malawi
The Team splits........... Wal & Sven's Tangent...........
12th Mar 2002 Blantyre, Malawi
13th Mar - 15th Mar 2002 Mount Mulanje, Malawi
16th Mar - 16th Mar 2002 Cape Maclear, Malawi
The Africa Overland Team meets up........... The journey re-commences...........
18th Mar 2002 Lilongwe , Malawi
19th Mar 2002 Chipata, Zambia
20th Mar - 21st Mar 2002 South Luangwa National Park, Zambia
22nd Mar 2002 Petauka, Zambia
23rd Mar 2002 Lusaka, Zambia
24th Mar 2002 Choma, Zambia
25th Mar 2002 Livingstone, Zambia (Victoria Falls)
26th Mar 2002 Kasane, Botswana
27th Mar 2002 Nata, Botswana
28th Mar 2002 Maun, Botswana

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