31/05/02 - (New Diary Update) Check out the last 2 weeks of the journey in the Web Masters diary.
02/05/02 - (New Diary Update) See the Diary section for the final update from Gavin.
01/05/02 - Please start submitting your final guestbook entry's before this website is taken down for copying onto CD.
01/05/02 - The final update is coming soon....
01/05/02 - The final set of pictures are updated on the website including Botswana, Namibia & South Africa.
21/04/02 - The Begium & English teams prepare to say an emotional farewell on a rollercoaster trip.
18/04/02 - The journey is complete!!! Cape Point, Cape Town. Mark the date in your diary's.
17/04/02 - Getting close now....
16/04/02 - (New Diary Update) The lads are so close to the end they can almost feel the party.
15/04/02 - I've arrived in Cape Town & met Gav, Sven & Wouter. All is fine & the trip should soon be completed.
08/04/02 - (New Diary Update) As Gav approaches the end of what is an amazing journey, I submit my own update in 'the diary' section on my feelings about having to travel to South Africa to meet him at the finishing line.
08/04/02 - Read about Sven from "Team Belgium" in'the begians' section.
08/04/02 - More superb pictures in the Zambia link through the 'Tour Images' section.
05/04/02 - (New Diary Update) Gav brings us up-to-date with an entry on Malawi, Zambia & Botswana.
05/04/02 - (New Diary Update) Sven writes for the first time on Africa Overlands about his & Wally's trip up Mount Mulanje.
05/04/02 - Lot's of new pictures in the 'Catalogue' & 'Tour Images' sections.
05/04/02 - The route so far has been updated.
18/03/02 - Dan would like to say a special thanks to wieke, geoff, catheline, matt the yank and all at via via (from us, wouter and swen). the cheap whiskey did wonders for my recovery..
15/03/02 - (New Diary Update) As the Tarmac turns into only desert the boyz realise they are well and truly in Deep....Sand.
15/03/02 - Latest pictures from Malawi in the 'Tour Images' section.
15/03/02 - New Dress picture in the 'Catalogue' section.
13/03/02 - Well the trip continues for Gav in normal fashion. I have heard from him today & he says he's alive, healthy & in Malawi. Diary update to come soon.
02/03/02 - (New Diary Update), Dan says his final farewell to Africa Overland in a sad but humorous diary update.
01/03/02 - Well done Dan for getting this far it's been a pleasure following your progress. I'm sorry you couldn't carry on to Cape Town. Roll on 'South America 2004'
Best wishes
28/02/02 - VERY IMPORTANT - It is bad news I am afraid. The boyz made contact with me today to inform that the quest is over for Dan Acton. He's decided that it's best if he returns to the UK immediately due to numerous reasons, primarily his health after the injury to his leg. Dan will be providing a closing update for the 'diary' section regarding his decision to head home & also a reflection on the past 6 months on the road with Gavin...........
........Gav & the Belgian said an emotional goodbye to Dan today & continue on to Cape Town.......
28/02/02 - VERY IMPORTANT - With Gavin's workplace expecting him back within the next month the boyz are reviewing their chances of making it to Cape Town & completing the quest. Can he get an extension on his sabbatical with work?.......His team secretary (Kay Nelson) is working on it!!!
28/02/02 - New Tanzania images with amazing picture of the Land Rover just after the crash!
28/02/02 - New Catalogue pictures.
22/02/02 - (X2 New Diary Update), It's business as usual for the boyz as Dan leaves hospital, the Land Rover is on the mend & Gav re-commences his shoe sniffing addiction?!? Read all about it in the diary section.
22/02/02 - VERY IMPORTANT - More CLASSIC photo's in the Africa Overlands Spring/Summer Catalogue taken over the last few days!
22/02/02 - New tour images of Kenya taken only a few weeks ago by the boyz.
19/02/02 - Still no definite answers but it looks like Dan's going to carry on and complete the rest of the journey, that's if the Land Rover can be repaired?!? (Should know by the 25/02/2002).
19/02/02 - CHECK OUT THE NEW CATALOGUE PAGE!! - Dan has lost the plot with this one!, but it's very funny.
19/02/02 - Route Dates to 18/02/02, New Guestbook entries all up-to-date! - Check em' out.
16/02/02 - (New Diary Update), It is bad news I am afraid. Whilst driving just inside of the Tanzania border disaster struck for the boyz. The land rover lost control & rolled, throwing Gavin & Dan around like dolls. Remarkably Gavin escaped with minor cuts & bruises, but Dan was not so fortunate...his right leg torn smithereens as the Landy tumbled continuously until coming to it's first available stability.

However, there was nothing unfortunate about Dan's next few crucial hours. Firstly, they found a local rangers office who contacted knowledgeable medical staff to stop the pouring blood loss. Secondly the flying doctors arrived within an hour to fly Dan back to a Kenyan hospital & third & finally the Nairobi Hospital consultants conducted immediate surgery on his bloodless leg (& body) which Iím pleased to report means that he is alive, well & in good spirits (not only due to the hospital drugs....)

As I type, there are two major decisions that will be taken over the course of the next few days:
1 - Can the Land Rover be repaired to complete the remainder of its journey?
2 - From his hospital bed, Dan has to make the final decision on if he is well enough to carry on the rest of quest, or is the dream over for Dan?
The moment I know, I will post it right here on the latest action board!, Read the latest update in the diary section which was written by Dan from his Hospital Bed today.

16/02/02 - Route Dates, Route Map & New Guestbook entries all up-to-date! - Check em' out.
05/02/02 - Dan & Gav would like to advise that they may not be in contact for sometime. I will post a message on this board as soon as I make contact with them next.
05/02/02 - (New Diary Updates X2), Ethiopia has been & gone & the boyz are now on Safari in Kenya.
04/02/02 - THE BOYZ ARE ALIVE, I didn't like to say anything to you lot at the time, but the boyz had been out of contact for an awful long time hadn't they! (Just kidding!).
14/01/02 - The latest route dates & Africa map updated.
07/01/02 - The Latest Egypt & Sudan Photo's are in the 'Tour Images' section.
04/01/02 - Coming Soon, pictures on how they spent Christmas & the New Year.
03/01/02 - No written update from the boyz as yet on their trip through Sudan but I can confirm they are safe, well & still alive!
01/01/02 - Happy New Year!
24/12/01 - Well it's 17:30 on 24/12/01 & although I don't have that much of an exciting life at the moment, I can't stay at work any longer so Iím off to have a festive beverage. Before I leave I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas & a Healthy New Year on behalf of Gavin, Dan & Myself. Thanks for reading!....
Carl Munro
24/12/01 - Maps of their journey can be located in "The Route" section on the left.
24/12/01 - (New Diary Update) The boyz have had great difficulty over the past month with trying to arrange Sudanese Visa's & Land Rover problems. But there so close now!!
28/11/01 - (New Diary Updates) Worries over the Landy & big problems getting into Sudan, Dan gives us an update on the current state of play.
23/11/01 - Lots more Egypt & Jordan pictures in the "Tour Images" section
22/11/01 - (New Diary Update) The quest for the Sudanese Visa's.
22/11/01 - Chat Room now live!
16/11/01 - Tour images gallery on the left menu!, visually catch up on Dan & Gav's expedition through the eyes of their camera lens!
15/11/01 - Arrange to speak to Gav & Dan online through the CHAT ROOM solely dedicated to visitors of this WebSite - coming VERY soon to the left side menu.
15/11/01 - Tour images just a click away on the left side menu giving you a visual on what Dan & Gav are seeing just a few days before on their expedition!
12/11/01 - (New Diary Update) After some tough negotiations at the Syrian/Jordan border the boyz make over, & ever closer to the war zone (& the last crusade).
02/11/01 - (New Diary Update) Entrance to Syria is complete!, as the boyz take their minds off the sacrificial cat with a sauna & massage......
28/10/01 - Numerous new guestbook entries.
26/10/01 - Check out the new Landy page which contains information how the vehicle was equipped for this trip.
22/10/01 - (New Diary Update) The negotiations into Turkey are sucessful & the boys decide to drive south & spend a bit of time clubbing with the holidaymakers in Bodrum!....A dog's life!....
17/10/01 - (New Diary Update) The Boys complete Greece & are about to take the boat to Turkey.........
Start - 16/10/01 - Numerous Diary updates on the way to Turkey.

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