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Any comments or suggestions? :   What are you both insane? Probably. Oh and dan, your mum would like it if you stayed in touch more often. Good luck lads. Best from Craig (IOH tart)
Name / Alias: :   mummy
Message: :   darling why do you have to bring the "f" word into almost everything. dodge the bulletts love
Date this message was submitted: :   22.10.01.
Name / Alias: :   Pete Stewart
Message: :   Dan I'm jealous. Operation "Certain Death" as you called it sounds like it's going great. Take care mate.
Date this message was submitted: :   Oct. 22, 01
Message :   Good looking boy, i remember when I went to africa back in 45. not the same place as it was then - Agatha (MI)
Message :   Your web page is fantastic. Good luck on your trip. Jayne-Anne Mason
Message :   All the best Gav Cheers mate Andrew Fowler
Message :   Hiya Gav Emma Here, hope all is going well for you and your mate out there. Take Good Care and hopefully I will see you again soon. Emma
Message :   Ian McDowell, sad to have missed Gav on his final day
Message :   Good luck - take care. Jay xxx
Message :   Dont feel to sad!! Keep your chins up. You will do it!!
Message :   You were expecting bongo beating savages and a wild untamed landscape....and what do u get? Switzerland. Yes, a nation of many paradoxes: Washing your car on a Sunday is illegal, yet there are licensed knocking shops. Or better still, binliners cost £2 e
Message :   Where the hell are you!!!!!
Message :   Great to read "The Team" are battling against all setbacks in the mission to drink-drive across Africa. Remember the golden rule - sign posts are only a suggestion. Good luck and take care Zurich Steve
Message :   Gav, are you going to Afganistan? I believe they are going to experience some amazing weather. 600mph winds and 4500C temps. Don't forget your sun block. Marc
Message :   Cool!! Hiro from Japan
Message :   What are you both insane? Probably. Oh and dan, your mum would like it if you stayed in touch more often. Good luck lads. Best from Craig (IOH tart)
Name / Alias: :   Mike 'Dave' Burton
Message: :   Pleased to hear you are doing alright. Thinking of you both, always, mmmm. Life is a let down since Italy and Greece, only one positive aspect to it, no mozzies. Hope to hear from you soon, love Geordie.
Submit Date: :   24 October
Name / Alias: :   Dyl
Message: :   Gav, I'd almost forgotten your handsome features until I saw the piccie in the about us section. Hope your still alive as, typical of your luck, I think you chose a great time in the worlds history to be driving through the middle east!! Dan, I've never
Submit Date: :   25/10/01
Name / Alias: :   Brian
Message: :   Ok Dan, enough of being shocked, appalled, dumbfounded etc. Now that you're on the road I have to say fair play (as they say around these parts). Keep the landi going and don't let WWW 3 stop you.
Submit Date: :   25/10/2001
Name / Alias: :   Lynne
Message: :   Hi gav really looking forward to getting together when you get back - bring dan along too lol
Submit Date: :   25th October 2001
Name / Alias: :   Markus
Message: :   Hi Gav, two English blokes in a blue Landrover, it must look grazy. Anyway, I hope you and your mate are fine. All the best and hope to see you again anytime. Markus
Submit Date: :   25.10.2001
Name / Alias: :   Zurich Bint
Message: :   so, who smells worse in the morning in the randy Landy??
Submit Date: :   26-10-01
Name / Alias: :   Taryn/ bunches
Message: :   Hope all is going well, actually maybe I don't! Why should you be having cool adventures while I'm stuck in my boring, dull job. Oh life is so unfair!!! Ha ha have fun you guys!!!!
Submit Date: :   26/10/01
Name / Alias: :   Em
Message: :   Gav I have known you to do some mad things in your time but you are insane. Sorry I didn't get to see you before you left and I'll see you again if you ever get back. Auntie Nina thinks you are mad.
Submit Date: :   28/10/01
Name / Alias: :   mother to daniel
Message: :   will you please call your mother before she finally expires with grief and worry
Submit Date: :   29.10.01.
Name / Alias: :   john the father
Message: :   Son, call your mother or the cat gets it
Submit Date: :   29th October, 2001
Name / Alias: :   
Message: :   Africa will blow your mind. I can remember my first time - magical. From Elephants in the Kruger, their relatives on Table Mountain to Penguins in Simons Bay and Sunsets in P.E. Travelling changes your life. Enjoy it.
Submit Date: :   
Name / Alias: :   Adam
Message: :   Do they have beer in Africa? Hope your well Dan. Surprised you got this far, actually. Who is going to die first?
Submit Date: :   10.31.01
Name / Alias: :   
Message: :   And you ...... used to be so quiet at university Gav!!!!!!
Submit Date: :   
Name / Alias: :   Zurich Bint
Message: :   Is it true that you must take it up the choccy starfish to get into Sudan these days???
Submit Date: :   02/11/01
Name / Alias: :   Geoff
Message: :   So thats where youv'e both been hiding. Must admit to more than a pang of jealousy. Enjoy yourselves Geoff
Submit Date: :   
Name / Alias: :   Cat Woman
Message: :   What happened to the poor cat?!
Submit Date: :   02/11/2001
Name / Alias: :   Julie
Message: :   Gav, I am a friend of your mums, (from school)I hope you are both okay and having a great time, take care of yourselves ....... and be careful.
Submit Date: :   2nd Nov 2001
Name / Alias: :   Tony
Message: :   Seeing as Pete, Brian and Adam said something, thought I might as well. Look after yourself fellas, and take some decent pics. Dan I will see you back in Japan when all this is over
Submit Date: :   November 5, 2001
Name / Alias: :   Paolosaurus aka chops
Message: :   Gav i heard they got sone big black mambas in africa - watch your derrier.
Submit Date: :   05/11/01
Name / Alias: :   Busty fe-male (34,22,36)
Message: :   Hello boys, if youd like to stay at my "cirque de rocket" guest house, in Maputo, Mozambique- you get bed, food, a busty african who will massage and love you for as long as you stay. We serve english beer too. only $3 US le nuit (entertainment en plus)
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Name / Alias: :   julie
Message: :   Gavin your mum is getting worried as she can't work the msn chatty thing HELP. Hope you are well and safe. take care.
Submit Date: :   5.11.01
Name / Alias: :   Geoff kingsmill
Message: :   Hello Gavin and Dan, I've been enjoying looking at your WEB page. On your links page you have a link to our WEB site:- Unfortunately we have had to move our WEB site. Could you please change our URL to:- htt
Submit Date: :   8-Nov-2001
Name / Alias: :   Binny
Message: :   HI Gav, I'm soooo jealous! Fantastic site! You sure are having a mad one! Take care of yourself and be good. Hopefully See you when you get back. Binny.
Submit Date: :   08.11.2001
Name / Alias: :   
Message: :   Interesting site guys... Enjoy Egypt
Submit Date: :   
Name / Alias: :   Dave Goodwin (Mike's mate)
Message: :   Mike's told me all about your trip - good luck! (even though you're well on your way) I must say, you couldn't have picked a better time to travel (!) Cheers
Submit Date: :   09/11/01
Name / Alias: :   Mark J
Message: :   Good site. Am envious of your trip. How about a reciprocal link? See us at Drive safely Mark
Submit Date: :   9/11/01
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