The Africa Overland Spring/Summer Catologue

For thousands of years man has searched for the ultimate in tacky gifts to bring back to loved ones after a vacation. Dan, Gav & Walt the Belgian might have just found them.

A message from our Catologue sponsor, Dan Acton..............
"For this trip we have decided to set ourselves a challenge. We will attempt to search out the tackiest, kitsch, down right awful souvenirs- at a reasonable price, of course. This was an idea that originated from my friend Hiroki Ikemoto who, when returning from a trip from China, gave a Chairman Mao lighter. At first I was a little surprised, as you wouldn't expect to see such goods available for other world favourites such as Hitler or Stalin but the appeal of the tacky souvenir soon caught on. Since then we have exchanged goods including a gold paper mashie bust of Ho Chi Minh (purchased tastefully outside the mausoleum which contains his embalmed corpse), a set of Tibetan Buddas in the act of copulation (which now reside on my parent's dining room table) and coaster sets of various Iranian leaders with 70's style tie dye backgrounds. This is a mere selection of the rubbish we have purchased but more importantly it was all bought for virtually nothing.

So far, on this trip we have seen many contenders for the ultimate in tac and couldn't resist buying a few of them. There was the alternative laughing Santa Clause in Cairo, which actually looked like a character from Ali Baba and recited parts of the Koran and sang a few songs as well (apparently a big Ramadan favourite). The black wooden snake sticks of Aswan were a good purchase as was the red Turkish Fez I received from our new travelling companion Walt the Belgian. The black and gold goat skin slippers, which are the latest in fashion in the souqs of Khartoum, would have been a great purchase.

So here we have a selection of souvenirs in our 'African Overland Catalogue'. Thanks to all our models that participated. This page will be updated as we fill the Landy up with yet more rubbish. Place your orders soon as supply is limited!

Cheers, Dan"

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