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Walt the Belgian
Interesting facts about Wouter, the Belgian.

1. He can eat any amount of food within seconds.
2. He has an aversion to washing- and has a record of 4 and a half months for wearing the same pair of star wars boxer shorts.
3. He is very serious about his north belgian routes and refuses to communicate with any of the south french speakers.
4. He can speak 4 languages but his english has suffered recently due to the influence of Gav. For example, a recent letter he wrote to a friend went as follows 'f***, s***, c**, a**, d***, s*** c**e...cheers, wouter'.
5. Recently he took part in placing a clothes peg on a friends penis!
6. He loves the Bee Gees and has seen them live 6 times.

Why is Wouter the Belgian on his way to South Africa?

The story is not finished. It started a couple of years ago, he still remembers where he was: in Turkey. The biggest hangover in the northern hemisphere made master of the young one, possibly because Tequila was involved, but this is very hard to confirm.

So he was ‘resting’ there, wandering what could be more interesting than his PhD, and the answer was given by an Enfield that was parked near. That bike was on its way to England, coming from India. There was even somebody driving it.

Asia is too crowded, there are animals in Africa, the T-bone steak is served with some very nice sauce in South-Africa and since he is a Belgian the idea of driving with his own transport from Belgium to Cape Town was born. This was an offer his girlfriend couldn’t refuse. They left Belgium the 7th of august 2001, were in Izmir when the twin towers collapsed and his girlfriend left Wouter because of his Star Wars boxershorts. Never the less, he decided to drive his dream & carry on and met some English blokes on his way down (?).

With them he shares a passion of drinking hot chocolate, blue, black and white smoke, hot springs and imitating a mosque. Jesus Christ!

This is the only information I could find about the Belgian, but his real name is Wouter, not Wally, Willy, Walter, Walt, Water, What, Who. Just WOUTER.

Sven the Belgian
Name: Sven

Nationality: Belgian, sometimes from outer space

Sex: Vlaamse boerepaard-stijl

DOB: Headlicking day 1973

AKA: The lady in red, uncle s...

A bit about Sven

After being raised in the famous 'n funky flatlands, Sven wasn't a big success neither in school nor in work. So he decided to get spiritual in India ... Ohm mani pradme hum ... up there high in the Himalayas, one has to think about the meaning of life, and so did Sven. Well, euh, that wasn't a big success either, but it was fun fun fun. So what to do? Keep on globetrotting? Yep! That took him to various interesting places in Asia, the Americas, Middle East, Europe and Brussels, where you can find him partying at food club. Next to cooking his speciality 'rich gravy’, diving is one of his favourites.

How did Sven get involved in all this craziness? If he'd known, he'd thought twice. But hey, he got this trip recommended by a friend ... so here he is
What are Sven’s future plans? First of all, survive this trip. Then report it all to Interpol and live a classy life somewhere near the Bahamas.

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